Stallion Roster
2017 Inspections
30 and 70 Day Tests
Stud Book I vs. II
Forms and Fees

2017 RPSI Stallion Rosters

RPSI stallions may be graded into Stud Books I, IIA or II, depending on pedigree, inspection scores, Stallion test and performance results. Stud books also exist for German Riding Ponies, Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd, Knabstruppers and Haflingers. Download the Warmblood Bylaws and Pony and Small Horse Bylaws.

Stud Book I Stallions
   - Stallions A - F
   - Stallions G - L
   - Stallions M - R
   - Stallions S - Z

Stud Book IIA Stallions - Eligible for Stallion Book I after Stallion Test and/or Performance Results
   - Stallions A - Z

Stud Book II Stallions
   - Stallions A - Z

Knabstrupper Stallions

German Riding Pony Stallions Stud Book I

German Riding Pony Stallions Stud Book II

Haflinger Pony Stallions Stud Book I