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Change of Ownership

If you have purchased a RPSI registered horse, you will need the following information in order to change ownership on your horse's registration papers.

Please send your horse's original registration papers (passport) to the RPSI Headquarters along with a copy of the bill of sale (price may be omitted), a Change of Ownership Form, and a check for $60.00. U.S. Please do NOT send the Certificate of Ownership page inserted in the front of your horse's passport, only the passport itself.

P.O. Box 429
Murdo, SD 57559

(605) 669-2200 office
(605) 734-8060 fax

If you are also requesting a Name Change please include the Name Change Form, the $60 fee for Change of Registered Name, and please remember to send the Certificate of Ownership along with the passport in this case.

If you are also changing ownership on your horse's USDF and USEF paperwork, you can take this opportunity to be sure your RPSI registered horse is declared properly, and eligible for All Breeds awards.

You will find full instructions for changing USDF ownership on their downloadable USDF Change of Ownership Form. When registering your horse for the first time with USDF, or when filling out the USDF change of ownership form, be sure to list your horse's breed as "Zweibrücker", and the Breed Registry as "Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International" You should also send a photocopy, or fax in, a copy of your horse's registration papers to USDF to confirm their declaration of your horse's breed (if this has not already been done). It is also wise to check your horse's USDF membership status online, to be sure all information was entered correctly, and to be sure your horse's Declared breed is listed as Zweibrücker.

USEF's Change of Ownership Form also takes you step-by-step through the process of changing your horse's USEF ownership. You will also want to double check the breed and registry declaration on your new horse's USEF paperwork, to ensure correct award reporting takes place.