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Westfalen NA / RPSI Membership

The Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International is dedicated to offering service and stability for both breeders and those purchasing and competing on Zweibrücker horses. Breeders in North America are producing some of the highest quality sport horses in the world and deserve recognition and support.

Westfalen NA / RPSI members can expect personable and professional service from their registry. The interests of our breeders are our main concern.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • One membership fee grants annual membership status for both the Westfalen NA (required for registering foals, presenting mares or stallions at inspection, etc.) as well as RPSI Awards Membership (required for USDF All Breeds Awards and USEF Performance Awards for RPSI registered horses).
  • Westfalen NA / RPSI registered foals and breeding stock receive German registration passports, and their life registration numbers are recorded in the German computer database of horses in sport.
  • Westfalen NA / RPSI registered horses are eligible to compete in all National and International competitions, and our Passports, Life Numbers and Microchips comply to the new USEF Horse Identification rules.
  • Annual Inspection Tour covering most parts of the United States and many sites in Canada as well. Call us - we may be able to come to your farm as well!
  • Warmbloods from recognized WB associations, TB's, Arabians and Anglo-Arabians accepted into main books. Books for Sport Ponies, Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd, Knabstruppers and Haflingers too
  • Stallion Performance Testing supported
  • Sponsored Show Awards, Site Champion and High-Point Year End Awards, USEF & USDF All Breeds Awards
  • Annual Breeders Guide magazine
  • We are dedicated to helping our breeders market their horses and breeding programs... We offer an Annual Online Select Foal Auction and Open Online Auctions
  • Online Stallion Roster with photos and optional videos
  • Opportunity to attend the annual Breeders Tour in Germany

  • Click Here for to become a Member-- NEW Online Form!
  • Download a Fillable Membership Form (PDF)