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Westfalen NA inspections, or keurings, are held in the late summer and early fall of each year at host sites throughout North America. From 2017 onward, all inspections and registrations will be Westfalen, in cooperation with our official parent organization the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V., and inspections are judged by qualified representatives of the German parent registry and all registration passports are produced by our WBFSH sanctioned parent verband in Germany. As in Europe, approved mares and stallions are entered directly into the Mare Book and Stud Book and foals are given a registration number at birth. This number follows the foal's show results, location, and breeding records, if applicable. Foals are also required to be Microchipped and receive a Lifetime USEF # along with their Microchip. Branding is Optional. Learn more...

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Westfalen NA inspections are an exciting event for almost everyone!

What the Judge is Looking For
Inspection scores rely on the judge's evaluation of your horse's type, conformation and movement. Read on to learn how the judge makes his decisions.

Inspection Day Procedure
Here's a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to present your stallion, mare or foal at an Inspection, including a diagram of the triangle.

Write a Press Release for an Inspection Make sure everyone knows about your big event -- sending press releases, with photos, to your local newspaper or regional magazine can boost interest in your farm and horses, as well as encourage more people to get involved in an inspection! Here's a sample press release written by Joann Messersmith of Parker, SD.

Inspection Day Primer This is it - the day you've been waiting for since seeing your foal for the first time on an ultrasound screen. Now she's a big, rambunctious four-month-old, and inspection weekend is just around the corner. What should you expect?

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