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Press Release for an RPSI Inspection

Joanne Messersmith of Parker, SD, has written a press release highlighting the two RPSI inspection sites in South Dakota.

The release, set to be published in local and regional newspapers and/or magazines, includes a photo and contact information, as well as a user-friendly introduction to sporthorse inspections. A press release is an excellent way to both promote your farm and build interest in RPSI inspections. Here's a sample release:

July 8, 2008


RPSI to Hold Two Inspections in SD

Rhineland Pfalz-Saar International (RPSI), the German verband also known as Zweibrucker horses, will hold two inspections in South Dakota. They are scheduled for Thursday, August 28th at Solomon Farm of Okaton, and on Friday, August 29th at Rivervale Farm of Nisland SD.

RPSI is one of several German verbands, or registries, that conduct inspections for registration of warm blood horses in the US; other verbands include the Oldenburg, Westphalen, and Holsteiners. These horses are bred for high performance equine sports, and are described as elegant, large-framed, correct sport horse with powerful, elastic gaits suitable for dressage, show jumping, eventing and combined driving. Each registry brands the horses that pass inspection; RPSI's brand is a bridge with a crown over it, symbolizing the bridge over the Rhine river and the crown of the Duke that founded the German breeding program.

R.P.S.I. uses only the top educated and qualified representatives directly from the German Verband at its North American Inspections. Using the same representatives here and in Germany assures more correct and ethical Keurings; Keuring is the German word for the inspection process. The inspector will review the horse's pedigree, and then inspect the horse's confirmation and movement, before issuing a comment card and score. Those that pass the inspection process are then ranked by the scores into categories, Gold for the highest scoring, Silver, and Bronze. The parents of the foal are inspected as well in a similar process.

Last year, over 30 foals were inspected at these two inspections; similar attendance is expected this year, in addition mares and a stallion will be presented for inspection. "This is an excellent opportunity to review a large number of high quality young horses in one location," stated Joann Messersmith, owner of a stallion, Le Imbrie+, who will be inspected in Okaton. She adds, "If you are interested in learning more about evaluating young dressage and jumping horses, an inspection is an excellent learning opportunity, and if you are shopping for a young horse, you'll get an expert opinion in the German inspector's review."

The sires of these foals include Der Graf, Le Mode, Meisterwind, and Wazi; several of these horses were ranked in the list of top sires published by the US Dressage Federation for 2007. For more information about RPSI and the inspections, visit www.RhPSI.com or contact the inspection hosts, Ann Daum Kustar (605) 669-2107 or Patty Larson (605) 257-2620.

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If you have questions about this press release, please contact Joann Messersmith at 402.639.3575 or Joann@YourNextSportHorse.com

Photo attached, caption "This foal, named Working Mans Dollar, by Wazi, was presented at the 2007 foal inspection."