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Ask Otto: Stud Book Eligibility and Premium Mares

German Stud Book Director Otto Schalter brings his expertise from judging keurings both in Germany and North America, and reveals some secrets about how to breed for success, and follow that up with a successful inspection day.

1). I have a fantastic colt that I think is a stallion prospect, but he has a non-Warmblood grandmother (her sire was Draft). Every other relative is Warmblood or Thoroughbred. Will he be eligible for Stud Book I in the future?

A stallion is eligible for stallion book 1 if his sire and four sires on dam's side (sire of dam/granddam/greatgranddam/...) are in Stud Book 1 or are Stud Book 1 eligible. Eligible means - Warmblood stallions, Thoroughbred (Jockey Club) stallions or Pure bred Arab / Anglo-Arab / Shagya-Arab stallions. These are the eligible bloodlines that are meant in Stud Book 1 or Stud Book 1 eligible. Your colt's Draft heritage makes him eligible for Stud Book II as a stallion, but in no way discounts his qualities and potential. Good Luck!

2). I would like to present my mare at an RPSI keuring. What are the requirements for scoring Premium mare?.

A Premium mare must reach an average score of 7.0. If we score the 7 criterias (Type/Conformation/Correctness/Walk/Trot/Canter/Overall Impression and Development) your mare must score a total of 49 points (divided by 7 scores = 7.0) to be a Premium mare. If we can't score the canter, for example, then the mare must reach a minimum of 42 points (then divided by 6 = 7.0).