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Thirty and Seventy-Day Stallion Testing

The 30 and 70-day tests were developed in Germany to provide stallion owners an avenue to fulfill their stallion's licensing requirements at an earlier age. By successfully completing a 70-day test, stallions have fulfilled their performance requirements for full lifetime approval. Stallions may also fulfill their licensing requirements using a combination of 30-day testing and performance results. In North America, as in Germany, the 30 and 70-day tests evaluate a young stallion's interior values (character, temperament, willingness to work and athletic ability), gaits, rideability, and jumping ability. The breed associations use this overview of the stallion in work to determine his ability to improve the sport horse characteristics in the breeding population. Visit the North American Stallion Test website to learn more...

RPSI licensed stallions completing the 2010 testing:

70-day test:
Contiano BF 2006 Holsteiner (Contefino x Lanciano), owner Branscomb Farms, Color Guard 2005 Hanoverian (Escudo I x Federalist), owner Katriina Ruotsalo, Farscape DSF 2007 Westfalen (Freestyle x Pacific Sunset), owner Dreamscape Farm, Banderas 2006 Oldenburg (Balou du Rouet x Grannus), owner Dreamscape Farm, Colorado Skrodstrup 1999 Knabstrupper (Perikles Christinelyst x Xanthos), owner Avalon Equine, Galante HU 2005 Zweibrücker (Galant Du Serein x Landor S), owner Horses Unlimited, Diamond Stud 2003 Oldenburg (Diamond Hit x Lavarino), owner Highlife Farms, Figaro B 2005 Belgian WB (Pavarotti v/de Helle x Wellington), owner Rising Star Farm, Sutherland Song HLF 2006 Rheinlander (Sandro Hit x Caprimond), owner Highlife Farms, Saint Sandro 2007 Oldenburg (Stedinger x Severn El Shaaddai), owner Golden Venture Farm
30-Day Test:
Parlay S 2007 Zweibrücker (Parco x Calido I), owner Silver Creek Farms, Validation S 2007 Zweibrücker (Vallado x Lansing), owner Silver Creek Farms, Flint GSF 2006 Oldenburg (Weltstern x Lynx), owner Greenstone Farm, Don De Marco 2006 Oldenburg (Donnerwetter x First Class), owner Centaur Farm Pony Test:
Belafonte D'Avalon 2007 ISR Sportpony (Hilkens Black Delight x Mannhattan), owner Avalon Equine
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North American 30-Day and 70-Day Stallion Tests Contact

The North American Sporthorse Federation will be offering 30-day, 70-day and Pony tests, Fall 2011. Tests will be held at Silver Creek Farms, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Stallions of all sporthorse breeds, Arabian or Thoroughbred, who are started under saddle (walk, trot, canter) with a reasonable level of fitness are welcome to attend. During the 30-Day Test peiod, any ponies wishing to do the pony test may also attend. The pony test will be done according to the FN standards for the sport pony test, not the 30-Day stallion test. They will merely be conducted at the same time.

Anyone wishing to register a stallion for testing or who has questions about the tests can contact either Barbara (918) 830-4262 or Summer (918) 830-7776 at any time, or email barbara@silvercreeksporthorses.com.

Fall 2012 North American Stallion Testing Results
Silver Creek Farms
Broken Arrow, OK
Sept 1 - Nov 10, 2012
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