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The RPSI supports all Zweibrücker and Deutsches Sportpferd horses and ponies registered with the RPSI over the past 20 years with a great awards programs, as well as passport ownership changes and duplicate passport requests. Annual awards membership with the RPSI includes USDF All Breeds Awards as well as USEF and USEA High Achievement awards.

Competing nationally on an RPSI horse? Encourage your show secretary to request RPSI awards for your next recognized show. The RPSI has a tradition of supporting breeders and competitors, as well as promoting warmblood and pony breeding in North America.

The RPSI was the first North American Warmblood breeding organization to prioritize Permanent Horse Identification, proven by their early adherance to unique brand #'s, as well as their championing of microchipping and Unique Equine Life #'s to the USEF for years before microchips became required for age verification. The RPSI was also the first North American registry to organize and run a German-authorized Stallion Performance Test in North America, and offer its members the opportunity to market US-bred foals in a Select Online Auction Format.

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2021 Westfalen Registration and Inspection

Beginning in spring of 2017, the RPSI's parent organization the German Westfalen Verband in North America. All new inspections and registrations take place through the Westfalen Verband NA, with the breed-name Westfalen. RPSI registered Mares and Stallions are fully eligible for the equivalent Westfalen Verband NA breeding books.

Contact the RPSI at 1-605-669-2200 or email us. Visit the RPSIon Facebook as well.