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foal Welcome to the Westfalen NA The RPSI is now the official representative of the Westfalen Verband in Germany!

The 2017 Westfalen NA Inspection Tour Dates and Locations are now available online!

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Have a question for the Inspection judge? Read Otto Schalter's column. Otto Schalter brings his expertise from judging keurings both in Germany and North America to answer members' questions. Have an Inspection question? Read Otto's column on What Kind of Papers is my Foal Eligible For?.

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About the Westfalen NA / RPSI

What's new about the Westfalen NA/RPSI? As always, breeding goals, registry rules and standards are the same on both sides of the ocean, so breeders and buyers alike can rely on a consistent standard of quality. The Westfalen NA / RPSI is proud to be a friendly, accessible registry that stands behind its breeders, offering service, advice and stability. The RPSI was the first North American warmblood registry to offer breeders a Select Foal Auction - offered annually. North America is producing some of the highest quality equine athletes in the world, and it's our job at Westfalen NA/RPSI to ensure that the breeder receives the recognition and promotion they deserve.

The Westfalen NA / RPSI offers studbooks for Warmbloods, German Riding Ponies, Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd, Knabstruppers, and Haflingers. The Warmblood book is open to mares and stallions from recognized Warmblood registries, as well as Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Anglo-Arabians. Westfalen horses are bred for quality of movement, correctness of conformation and clear character. This foundation produces a superior athlete with high trainability and competitiveness for any of the sport horse disciplines.